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Lord Dunboyne & John Butler

Note: These are the Happy Families articles in Butler Journals which are now out of print. Genealogical data is often subject to change as research progresses, so some of the earlier replies have been superseded by more recent addenda. These articles have been scanned into computer format; though carefully checked, some errors might have been missed. Whenever possible read Happy Families in the original. Backnumbers of the Journal are available from the Hon. Sec.

NEW NEW NEW (But be warned: This is a big file - about 160 KB - so don't access it if you are in a hurry.)Happy Families Extracts - Volume One 1968-1979

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Vol.1, No.1 (1968) Happy Families

Vol.1, No.3 (1971) Happy Families

Vol.1, No.4 (1972) Happy Families

Vol.1, No.5 (1974) Happy Families

Vol.1, No. 6 (1976) Happy Families

Lord Dunboyne started the Happy Families serial in the first Butler Journal published in 1968. The serial grew over the years in response to genealogical queries received from members, till by 1997 there had been 456 questions. The replies to many questions were supplemented, or amended, by numerous "addenda" as research advanced. The serial rapidly became essential reading for all those interested in the genealogy of anyone with the name of Butler. The answers to many Frequently Asked Questions can be found in Happy Families. Those starting to research a Butler family would be well advised to trawl through this serial for relevant leads.

Eventually it is hoped to create a readily accessible computer database of all the questions and answers. However, this is a major project which will take a while to complete. For the time being, there is no alternative but to buy or borrow backnumbers of the Butler Journal. Sadly some backnumbers are no longer available for purchase from the Hon. Secretary. As an interim measure, exclusively for personal research by members of the Butler Society, we are putting up on the Members Only section of the web-site those Happy Families articles originally published in issues of the Journal which are now out of stock. These articles have been input by scanning and, though carefully checked, some errors may remain: the typeface used in the early Journals is not recognised very efficiently by OCR software.


b born

bpt baptised

BTR Rev. W. Clare's Butler Testamentary Records, first printed privately 1932

c circa, meaning 'approximately"

d died

d/o daughter of

f/o father of

FRC Family Records Centre, No 1 Myddleton Street, London EClR lUW . Tel:+44 (0)171 533 6400

GLRO Greater London Record Office: now renamed the London Metropolitan Archives.

GRO General Register Office: now part of the Family Record Office.

IGI The Mormons' International Genealogical Index

Joyce House 8Lombard Street East, Dublin, where the General Registry of births, deaths and marriages in Ireland now is.

LMA London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London EClR 0HB . Tel: +44 (0)171 332 3820.

m married

per according to information from

PRO Public Record Office, London. (whether in Chancery Lane or Portugal Street or Kew or Hayes) The Census Reading Centre of the PRO (which used to be in Chancery Lane) is now part of the Family Records Centre.

Q1 Query Number One in this serial ( and so on.)

s/o son of

SOG Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, London, ECl

Som Ho Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2 where the Principal Probate Registry for England & Wales continues to house Wills proved since 1858.