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Butler Journal Vol. 1 No. 6 (1976)

Prepared by LORD DUNBOYNE from readers'questions

(Continued from Butler Journal, Vol. 1. p.409)

Please send clues and queries for this serial

to Lord Dunboyne. Factual information, however

meagre, is welcome; sooner or later it is likely to dovetail with what

is already known and help to complete a jig-saw. Thanks are due for

contributions from all over the world, and so are apologies for

inability to acknowledge each individually.

For brevity, `per' denotes `according to information received from `~

The Butler ancestry of the following is sought:

82. Alice née Butler wife of Roger Norwood (b.1479).

Clue- She was da. of'John Butler oIGlos. (per H.E. Voss of

El Toro, USA.)

Comment- She was da. of John (d.1515), s. of William, s.

of Sir John Butler of Parva Badminton (De Banco Roll,

1489; Hart Soc., xxi (1885), 241). The Butlers of Bad-

minton were said to be of the Wem line, although their arms

were different.

83. Edmond Butler (d.1747 in Virginia).

Clues- He came from Ireland to America (per statement in

1808 of his great-grandson). In Goochland Co., Va., he

owned 400 acres between Green Creek and the Badlock

branch of Appomattox River, and was tithable in 1746. His

will of 27.4.1747 (proved 17.9.1747) described him as

Edmond Butler of Southam parish, Goochland Co., Va., his

wife as Frances and sons as Aaron, John, Edmond and

William. By Frances née Cooke, Edmond had 6 children of

whom William (1747-1790) was the Regulator of N.

Carolina (per his descendant, Ross E. Butler of Ontario,


Comment-Possibly this Edmond descended from Thomas

Butler (d.1646) whose 5 sons all married after being

brought up in (Northumberland Co.) Virginia (see Q.47 and

J.B. Boddie, Virginia Hist. Genealogies (1954) 24).

84. Edward Butler (184 1-1929), emigrant from Ireland to


Clues- His mother, Sabina (1809-1891) was born in

Aughrim parish, Co. Roscommon, and died in Lillis, Kansas.

He was born in Co. Roscommon. When still a boy, Edward

accompanied his mother, sister, Mary, and brothers, John

and Thomas, to America. But they returned to Ireland after

a few years in Maryland and Edward finally emigrated to

America, ca. 1858, with his mother and one brother, his

sister and other brother following later. After employment

at the White House under Abraham Lincoln, Edward settled

in Kansas, 1865, with his mother and brother. His funeral

was held in St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Lillis, Kansas. He

m., 1877, Mary Ann Carney by whom he had 8 sons and 6

das. (per Edward's great grand-da., Mrs Brockish of Kansas,


Comment- Sabina's husband may have died in Ireland

during the Famine. There is no evidence that his family

came from Co. Roscommon. Not many Butlers did. In the

l660s, however, Edmond Butler was certified 250 prof-

itable acres in Clonfinlough parish (which was in Ros-

common barony, as was Aughrim) under the Act of

Settlement (R.C. Simington, Distribution Books, i,66).

Later, John Butler of Heathfield, Co. Roscommon, m., in

Cath. Church, Kilmurry, Henrietta, da. of James Lynch of

Rathally, Co. Galway (Clare Freeman, 8.1.1859).

85. Edwin Abraham Butler (

Clues- His son, James, of Ormonde House, Headfort, Co.

Galway, had a da. who said her paternal grandfather was

born in Ireland. Another son, Edwin Abraham, of Ellerblie

House, Handsworth, Birmingham, was born 1832 and m. a

Manners (per their grand-da., Mrs Baron, sister of Pat Butler

of Malta).

Comment- The only Butler / Manners marriage of which we

know is that of Jane (da. of James, 9th Lord Cahir) in 1815

to Thomas, 1st Lord Manners. A search of the General

Register at 10 Kingsway. London, is recommended.

86. Frances née Butler, wife of Hervey Morres (d. 1722 /3).

Clues- Her father, Col. Pierce Butler is said to have been

killed at Battle of Worcester, 1651 (per the enquirer, H.M.

King Leka of the Albanians, whose wife, Susan n6e Cullen-

Ward, is descended from Hervey, 1st Viscount Mountmorres,

grandson of this Frances).

Comment- Frances was da. of Col. Hon. Pierce Butler of

Barrowmount, Co. Kilkenny, who was either slain, or

captured and shot, by Cromwellians at Battle of Lambstown

(not Worcester), Co. Wexford, 1650 and was 1st s. of

Edward, 1st Viscount Galmoye, 1st s. of Piers (d.1601),

base s. of Thomas, 10th Earl of Ormond.

87. James Butler (1730-1783), emigrant from Ireland to


Clues- He was born near Dublin, died in Louisa Co.,

Virginia and m., 1755, Mary (1735-1758), née Beckwith

(per their descendant, J.B. Butler of Jackson. Mississippi,


Comment- The marriage was very likely in America. There

is no trace of an 18th century Dublin licence for a Butler /

Beckwith marriage.

88. James Butler(1754- 1827) of U.S.A.

Clues- James (b.22.2.1754; d.11.4.1826) is believed to

have come from Kentucky. He in., 1.8.1775, Elizabeth

Giles (b.10.4.1753; d. 11.4.1826) and by her had 3 sons

(per his descendant, R.L. Butler of Iowa, quoting Mrs Elma

Butler Gordon, Nine Generations of Butler Family, printed


Comment- There may be a connection with the history of

Butler Co., Kentucky. The 'Giles' marriage raises the

possibility of a link with the Butlers of Newfoundland

among whom John Butler m., inTeignmouth, Devon, 1753,

Jane Giles (Butler Jo. i, (No. 5) 333). James has for six

centuries been the most popular Christian name of des-

cendants from the Chief Butlers of Ireland.

89. John Butler (d. 1759) of Amelia Co., Virginia.

Clues- He bought 400 acres on the lower side of Stocks

Creek (Amelia Deed Book No.1, p.200 for 1745). His Will

of 4.1.1759 described him as John Butler of Raleigh parish,

Amelia Co., Va., his wife as Martha, his sister as Sarah

Drinkwater and his nephews as Josiah Drinkwater, George

Ridley, Pierce Butler Penel and John Wingo (Amelia Co.,

Va., Will Book, No. 1, p.l53 for 23.8.1759). Pierce Butler

Pennell as he signed his name was known as 'The Irishman'

(per his descendant, I.W. Pennell of Arroya Grande, Ca.).

Comment- John may be of the family of the Quaker, John

Butler, whose Will mentioned his wife, Martha, sons, Joseph.

William, James and John, and da., Sarah (Prince George Co.

Wills, p.321 for 9.6.1719). It is tempting to suggest the

John in question may be the John who was 2nd s. of

Edmond of Q.83, but that John seems to have been a

General in N.Carolina Militia (Ash, Biog.Hist. of N.Carolina).

90. John Butler of Chipping Norton, Oxon, 1769.

Clues- He m. in Banbury, 1769, Elizabeth Drury. The

William Butler, bapt. in Wroxton, 1780, may be their son.

A William Butler was living in Banbury, 1805, when his son,

Thomas was born (per R. Butler of Stapleford, Nottingham).

Comment- John's sister may be Sarah who m., in Banbury,

1745 William Bull (Banbury Parish Reg.). There were Drury

marriages with the Butlers of Watton Woodhall, Herts.

(Clutterbuck, Hist. of Herts., ii, 477; and see Q.63).

91. John Butler, weaver of Bethnal Green, 1771.

Clues- The family seems to have been one of the small

community of weavers living round the Green in 18th

century. John Butler, weaver of Bethnal Green, m.,

26.6.1708, Mary Whitehead (St. Dunstan's parish reg.,

Stepney). John (s. of John Butler, weaver, and Elizabeth,

his wife) was baptised, 11.8.1771 (St. Matthew's parish reg.,

Bethnal Green). John Butler was paying rates in Bethnal

Green West, l77l-1780 (Bethnal Green Rate Book). This

John's grandson, Charles Salisbury (1812-1870), s. of John

(1771-1848), s. of John, the weaver, owned a lot of

property in the area, including the Butler Arms Public

House and the whole of Butler Street (Poll Book, 1840-41).

He was M.P. for Tower Hamlets (1852-1868) and also

owned property in Chesham Bois and Epsom (per his

descendants, Bertram Butler of Pulborough and Margaret

Dickinson of Bexhill). The arms he used were:Az., a

chevron between 3 covered cups, or (Burke, Landed Gentry,


Comment- John Cocke, Lancaster Herald, 1559, ascribed

Az. a chevron arg. between 3 covered cups arg. to the

Butlers of London in A Tudor Book of Arms (Harl. Ms.

6163 per Rodway, Heraldry of Butler, 8). The same arms,

but with cups or, were those of Butler of Aston-le - Walls

(Northants Visitation, 1681 in Harl. Soc., lxxxvii, 32)

Elizabeth who married 1837 (Gen. Reg., London II, ii) was

probably da. of John (1771-1848).

92. Paul Butler (l9th century British)

Clues- His son, John (b.21.4.1875) m., 12.3.1898,

in Blackburn, Lancs., Susannah Mary, da. of John Kenyon

by Sarah Anne née Driver (per John Butler's grandson's

wife, Mrs Butler of Quebec, Canada).

Comment- The 1898 marriage certificate is probably that

in vol. 8E, p.633, of the Gen. Register which could be ob-

tained by post from 10 Kingsway, London. It would show

whether this Paul was the Paul who m. at St. Paul's, Knights-

bridge, 1854, Louisa, da. of George Henry Barnett (Times,

16.5.1854) and who was 2nd s. of the banker, John La

Forey Butler (1786-1848) of Finchley, Mdx., said to be

descended from the Butlers of Pembrokeshire (Berks. Arch.

Jo; xxxvi, 161).

93. Polly, née Butler, Mrs Hickok, of Grand Isle, Vt. Co.,

U.S.A., 1837.

Clues- She m. William Alonzo, s. of an Irish emigrant, Otis

Hickok. Her 4th son was the legendary "Wild Bill", James

Butler Hickok (1837-1876), soldier, scout and U.S.

marshal of border posts (Dict. of American Biography).

Comment- Mrs Harmon's Pioneer Settlers of Troy Grove,

Illinois reveals Polly was da. of James (b.1763), s. of Ben-

jamin (1727-1800), s. of Israel (b.1696), s. of Thomas

(1654-1732), s. of John (b.1624), s. of Nicholas (d.1671)

who migrated from Kent to America in 1636 (see Q.73).

Polly was thereby 4 th cousin of the erratic General B.F.

Butler (1818-1893).

Wild Bill died when shot through the back of the head

while playing poker in Deadwood, Dakota. The hand he

then held of aces and eights has been immortalised as

"the Deadman's Hand." His hair-raising life has been the

subject of at least a dozen books, the latest being Joseph

C. Rosa's They Called Him Wild Bill.


94. Richard Butler (d.1684), American immigrant.

Clues- He is believed to have been born in Braintree, Essex.

In 1632 he emigrated in the ship, `Hector', to America,

where he first settled in Newtown (now Cambridge), Mass.

before going to Hartford, Conn. as disciple and companion

of the Nonconformist, Thomas Hooker.

Comment- We have had several enquiries about his ancestry

but have not yet traced his parentage. There was a Butler

family at Bocking, near Colchester, from at least 1561. Most

Butlers of Essex probably derived from Ralph (living 1100),

butler of Eudes of Coichester (Arch.Cantiana xlvi, 152).

95. Sarah née Butler, Mrs Livens (1838-1917).

Clues- Her father was born in Ohio. She was born in

Missouri and died in Texas, having m. Elige Livens (per

their descendant, Mrs Looper of Texas).

Comment- She may be of the family of Thomas S. Butler

of Cincinnati, Ohio, whose da., Mary Stuart m. 1876

Theodore Frederic Sandbach Tinne (Times. 24.8.1876).

96. Sarah Henrietta née Butler, Mrs Lawless (1856 - 1926).

Clues- She m. George Lawless.

Comment- She was da. of Rev. Edward Walter Butler

(1820-1881), a descendant of Piers, 4th s. of 2nd Earl of

Ormond (Galway Arch. Soc. Jo., xxviii,7, "Butlers of Cregg"

by Sir Henry Blackall, where, however, her year of birth is

erroneously given as 1857). She had two brothers born

respectively in 1854 (Limerick Chronicle, 9.9.1854) and

11.5.1857 (Dublin Evening Mail, 20.5.1857). besides the

two mentioned in Blackall's valuable work.

97. Thomas Butler, 19th cent. emigrant front Ireland to


Clues- He migrated from Ireland in the Famine to Holy-

road, Newfoundland (per his grand-da.. Mrs Ronan of West

Hartford, Conn., U.S.A.).

Comment- For the Butlers of Newfoundland whose arms

suggest a descent from the Ikerrin branch see Q.1 5 and

Butler Jo. I (No.5),333. But this Thomas is not necessarily

of that branch.

98. Thomas Butler. a collier in Staffs., 1869.

Clues- lie was a collier in Darlaston, Staffs., 1869 (per

marr. cert. of his son, Patrick). It is believed Thomas was

born in Co. Galway, well-educated, an R.C., became a

private tutor at some period of his life, left Ireland for

England at the time of the Famine, with his wife, Mary, née

Joyce, and sons, John Patrick and Thomas, migrated to

America ca. 1874, and vanished in California ca.1875 (per

A.R. Walker of Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A.).

Comment- The genealogy of the Butlers of Co. Galway is

most puzzling.

99.........Butler, related to a Wortham by 1731.

Clues- George Wortham (whose son, Thomas, b.1731, m.

Elizabeth née Taliaferro of Virginia, U.S.A.) was said to be a

"near relative of the Duke of Ormonde" (per Mrs G.L.

Eatman of Oxford, Miss.. U.S.A.).

Comment- There seems to be no record of any Butler of

the house of Ormonde having married a Wortham.

100.........née Butler, Mrs John Elmes (l9th.cent.).

Clues- She is said to have been closely related to the 1st

Marquess of Ormonde and to have eloped with, and m.,John

Elmes of Swindon in the 1840s (per their gt.grandda., Mrs

Owen of Bourne, Lincs.).

Comment- The marriage certificate should be traceable. No

Butler of the house of Ormonde married an Elmes. Nor does

either family seem to have lived in Swindon, 1638-1837

(W.P.W. Phillimore, Glos. Parish Regs.).

101.........née Butler, Mrs O'Dwyer (b.1830-40).

Clues- Her father was of Ballyslatteen, Co. Tip., and she

had a da., Margaret (per Margaret's son, H.N. Gale of


Comment- This Mrs O'Dwyer was probably a da. of

Richard Butler (1794-1870) of Ballyslatteen (by Elinor née

Dillon) who descended from John, 2nd s. of 9th Lord

Dunboyne (d.1508).


The following additions can now be made to comments

on earlier questions, for which back-references are given to

the instalment and page of Butler Jo., vol.i.

4. Thomas Butler (1720-89) of Penn. [1:63; 2:129; 5:407]

K.W. Nicholls' suggestion that the Butlers of Coolkenna

descended from those of Tullow apparently referred not to

the Butlers of Tullow of the Mountgarret branch, but to

James, s. and h. of Richard of Roran, Co. Tip., 2nd s. of

Pierce Butler of Nodstown. Nicholls considers C.S. shows

this James to be of Tullow. Richard of Roran d. Jan. 1638

(H. Gallwey, Wall Family, 130).

7. Richard Butler (1710), Quaker of Bristol [1:64;3:222]

This extract from the register of burials in Banbury, Oxon,

may possibly be relevant: "The wife of John Butler of

Neithrop, buryed in the Quaker's house yard, 22.5.1670"

(Banbury Hist. Soc., ix.127).

28. Anne née Butler (I7th cent.), Mrs Dallin [3:221;5:409]

The family of Noel-Baker also descend from this Anne (per

N. King-Harris of Letchworth, Herts).

47. Thomas Boteler (d. 1644/6) of Maryland, [4:294;5:409]

For "Brodie", read "Boddie" on p.295.

59. Gabriel, Count Buttlar (1722 - 1792) of Gran, Hungary.


We thank Frhr. Horst von Buttlar of Oldenburg,W.Germany,

for solving this problem. Gabriel Rudolf Jakob, Graf von

Buttlar (1722-1792) was s. of Ludwig Johann (1679 -

1752) of the Kurland branch of the Buttlar-Ziegenbergs.

Gabriel m., 1754, his first-cousin-once-removed, Barbara

Elisabeth von Buttlar and by her had Johann Benedikt

Wilhelm, Reichsgraf von Buttlar (1733 1845), whose niece,

Eva von Barkoczy, m., 1844, Alexander, Graf Butler-

Clonebough (d.1850) of Haimhausen, Bavaria, a descendant

of Edmond Theobald Butler of the Paulstown branch of the

Ormonds. Alexander Theobald (s. of Alexander and Eva)

d.1919, leaving a da., Eveline (b.1879). Burke's 1970

Peerage is clearly wrong in dating the marriage of Gabriel's

da., Elisabeth. in 1755. which seems to be her year of birth.

60. Gerald Butler (d. 1797 / 8) of Ballyadams, Queen's Co.

We are indebted to Mrs Wissick of Johannesburg for poin-

ting out that this Gerald was the Garret Butler, named in

Annabella's Will of 1741 (B.T.R., 4) which identifies him as

s. of Alexander (d.1741), s. of James, s. of Richard, s. of

James (d.1659), s. of Richard, s. of William of Brittas, Co.

Tip., s. of Theobald, 5th s. of James, 6th Lord Dunboyne


Gerald's wife was Anne (Cashel M.L.B., 1756). But she

was da. of David Butler (d.1741) of Hemmingstown and

Garranlea, Co. Tip. (not, as Blake Butler in a rare aberration

assumed, da. of Richard Butler of Ballynahinch).

Rosetta (1801-1867), da. of Gerald's son, Gen. Sir

Edward Butler, was to have married the wealthy widower,

Walter (1770-1820), 1st M. of Ormonde. But he died too

early and she m. 1821, another well-heeled widower, her

cousin, Richard Butler Hamilton Lowe (b.1774).

David Gerald Butler (b.1849) who was great-grandson of

Gerald, married a French widow who already had a daughter.

In 1922 at 22 Allée de Montfermeil, Le Raincy, he was

working on the history of his family. If his step-da., whose

name we do not know, has descendants they may have his

family papers which might help.

G.O. MSS. 134 p.34 is a relevant pedigree but seems to err

seriously as to the parentage of Richard Butler of Bally-

nehensky, 1687.

77. Lord Lanesborough's ancestor.

John Butler of Waresly, Hunts. (d.1521) was s. of Thomas

(d.1479), s. of John, s. of William, s. of John (living 1371-

1414) who m. Isold, da. of William Gobion (J.R.Delafield,

Delafield Family Hist., ii, 532).

78. "Synolda".

Synolda, née le Petit, may have married Thomas Butler

earlier than 1320. Dr R.J. Hetherington of Birmingham

suggests the derivation of "Synolda" may be from the

Greek for conscience. Dare we be so heretical as to add

it may have originated simply from a misreading of the

name "Fynolda"?