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Butler Journal Volume 1 Number 5 (1974)

Prepared by LORD DUNBOYNE from readers' questions

(Continued from Butler Journal, Vol 1, p. 300)

Please send clues and queries for this serial to Lord Dunboyne.

Factual information, however

meagre, is welcome; sooner or later it will probably dovetail with what

is already known and help to complete a jig saw. Thanks for con-

tributions from all over the world are due, with apologies for inability

to acknowledge each individually.

For brevity "per" denotes "according to information received from ".

The Butler ancestry of the following is sought:

56. Agnes Butler(b. ca. 1867)

Clues- She was an orphan, aged 10, 'very well behaved and

of neat and engaging appearance', when she came before

Southwark Magistrates' Court in 1877 because the brother of

a constable in M Division who had for some time supported

her could no longer afford it. The magistrate was reluctant to

commit her to an Industrial School and said he would seek

another home for her (Times, 30.7.1877).

Comment- The sequel would be of no less interest than her


57. Anstace nee Butler, Mrs Patrick St Leger (ca. 1460)

Clues- She m. Patrick St Leger (d.1498) of Tullanbrogue,

Co. Kilkenny. Their 1st s., Edmund, was born ca. 1460.

According to a note (probably written late 19th cent.) in

Lord Doneraile's family archives, "Patrick Sentleger of

Tologharbruwe mard. Anstace, da. of Edmund MacRichard

Butler" (per enquirer, Baron St Leger of Paris).

Comment- She would thus be da. of Edmund (d.1464), s. of

Richard (1395-ca.1440), 2nd s. of 3rd E. of Ormond. If she

were base, it would account for her omission from Butler

pedigrees. This Edmund's base sons, Pierce and Richard (see

HarLMSS. 1425 f 81), with Patrick St Leger and others, seem

to have been granted privileges by Innocent VIII in 1491

(White, Irish Monastic Deeds, 107).

58. Elizabeth née (ca. 1760) Butler, Mrs George Bolton.

Clues- She m. George Bolton, Lancashire Banker, of Elm

Lodge, Cumberland, and bro. of Mr Sergeant Bolton. His

family was of Yorks. and London. Their 2nd da. Mary Jane

(d.1827) m. 25.6.1816 at Barton, Westmorland, John Wood

and with him emigrated to N.S.W. (per their descendants

John Butler Wood and Mrs Machin, of Queensland).

Comment- Elizabeth's arms are as those of the Butlers of

Rawcliffe who descend from Roger, bro. of 1st Butler of

Ireland (see Q.8). She is most unlikely to be da. of an earl of

Ormond as supposed.

59. Gabriel, Count Buttlar of Gran, Hungary, 1 755.

Clues- His arms were: quarterly, 1 & 4, or, a chief indented

az., 2 & 3, arg., a lion rampant gu. Motto: Soyez Ferme

(A. Rodway, Butler Heraldry, MS, p.54). The enquirer is of

the Carrick branch, Lady June Hobson of Portugal.

Comment- His motto suggests a Carrick descent. His 2nd da.,

Elizabeth (d. 1824) m. 1755 Gen. Hon. John Dormer

(1730-95). Perhaps a Dormer can help.

60. Gerald Butler (d. ca. 1798) of Ballyadams, Queen's Co.

Clues- A merchant, he was also of Cashel (Chanc. Bill,


Comment- His parentage stumped even T. Blake Butler who

thought Gerald must have bought Ballyadams. By Anne, da.

of Richard Butler (1716-1755) of the Ballynahinch line

which descended from James, 6th Lord Dunboyne (d.1445),

Gerald had Maj. Gen. Sir Edward Butler (1770-1824).

Pierce Butler of the Grantstown branch m., ca. 1667, Catherine

da. of Sir William Bowen of Ballyadams (formerly Kilmokidi),

Queen's Co.

61. James Butler of Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny, early 19th cent.

Clues- By Joanna, née Laresy, he had at least two sons, Ed-

mond and John Martin (who migrated, 1863 and 1845

respectively, to W. Australia, primarily, it seems, for R.C.

missionary work) and two das., Ellen O'Reilly and Mary

O'Mahony (per Mrs Gorman of W. Australia, grt. granda. of


Comment- James was probibly of the Neigham branch

which descended from Edmond (d.1491), base elder bro. of

8th E. of Ormond. There was another Butler migration from

Inistioge to Australia, in the Gold Rush which started 1851

(see Q. 49).

62. Capt. John Butler (d. in Peru, 1580).

Clues- He is said to be from Ireland, and a colleague of

Drake. The Spaniards called him "Chalona". He was executed

in Lima (J. A. Williamson, Age of Drake, 135; A. L. Rowse,

Sir Richard Grenville, 80). His bro., Henry, was sent to the

galleys for life (per Rev. Mel Butler of Canada).

Comment- The Latin American MSS in London University

Library might yield more clues.

63. John (ca. 1566-163 7), 1st Lord Boteler of Brantfield,


Clues- He in. Elizabeth, half sister of George, 1st Duke of

Buckingham. John's nephew, Francis, founded a local charity

(per enquirer, A.M. Parsons of Hatfield).

Comment- John was of Higham, Beds. (per Leics. 1619

Visitation, Harl. Soc., ii,30) and of Hatfield Woodhall, Herts

(per Herts. 1634 Visitation, Harl. Soc., xxii,112). Created

baronet, 1620, and baron, 1628, he was buried at Higham

Gobion, Beds. (G.E.C., revised, ii,229). He appears to be s. of

Sir Henry (d.1609), s. of Sir John (d.1572), s. of Sir Philip

s. of John (d.1514), s. of John, s. of Philip, s. of Sir Philip

(d.1418), s. of Philip (d.1393), s. of Ralph (who acquired

Woodhall by marrying Katherine da. & h. of Sir Philip

Peletoyt of Woodhall), s. of Sir Ralph (d.1279) of Norbuty,

Salop, yger. s. of Ralph le Botiller (d. ca. 1281) of Oversley,

Warws., whose elder s., William, was ancestor of barons

Botiller of Wemme, Salop. The Botelers of Brantfield were

thus a cadet branch of the family descended from the butler

of the feudal earl of Leicester.

64. John Butler (d. 1763, Norfolk, Conn., U.S.A.).

Clues- He m. Martha nee Eells, was buried at Walton, N.Y.

and had bros., Daniel, who m. Martha's sisters, Dinah and

Sarah, and William, captain of a ship that sailed between N.Y.

and W. Indies (per Mrs Long of Michigan, U.S.A. for Lou

Butler who is compiling a history of John's family).

Comment- Perhaps he was s. of Jonathan, Elnathan, Stephen

or John, Sons of Jonathan Butler (1700-1760) of Saybrook,

Conn. who may have a common Butler ancestor with the

founder of Butler's Rangers (for which see Q.5).

65. Capt. John Butler, E.I.C.S. (d.1812).

Clues- He m. in Calcutta, 2.4.1796, Lydia Elizabeth

(1782-1861), 3rd da. of William Howard, and, by her, had

Peter of Milton House, Carew, Pembs., and another son who

became a General and a da,, Lydia Elizabeth (b. 1809) who m.

1st, Rev. Francis Candy (d.1831) and 2nd, Rev. Henry

Harding. John's crest: out of a ducal coronet, a covered cup,

or. Arms: az., three covered cups, or. (per enquirer Dr R.J.

Hetherington of Birmingham).

Comment: The arms indicate descent from the Butlers of

Devon, eight generations of whom figure in Devon 1620

Visitation (Harl. Soc., vi,36).

66. John Butler of Ireland, 1828

Clues- His family was R.C., his bro. was William J., and a

relative was James Butler, tea merchant of Kilkenny. John m.

Mary née Organ or Degan. Their son, Patrick Francis, b.

Waterford, 1828, migrated. 1845, to Boston. Mass. and m.

at Cambridge. Mass., ca. 1858, Mary Ann née Kigwell. They

moved, 1860, to San Francisco and there founded the

millinery firm, Butler Bros. (per P.F.B.'s, William

Harding Butler of California).

Comment- Patrick Dugin who, with a John Butler, witnessed

the 1725 Will (B.T.R.124) of John Butler of Ballyneale,

Waterford. was possibly of Mary née Degan's family. Again,

it may be relevant that James Butler, formerly of Ennis, Co.

Clare. died 31.1.1867 at his residence, 10 Madison St, N.Y.,

six weeks after "his afflicted relative had followed to an early

grave" John T. Butler (Clare Jo., 21.2.1867, from Irish


67. John Butler(ca. 1824 1904) of Beakstown, Holycross,

Co. Tip.

Clues- His family. "the Big" Butlers, came from Munroe,

near Ballycahill. Thurles. His da., Mary. died 1934 (per her

g.s.. Dr M. Rahill of Ardee. Co. Louth).

Comment- Edmond (d.1682. s. of Edward. s. of Richard,

3rd V. Mountgarret) acquired land in Munroe through his

wire, Mary, da. of Philip Walsh ofThurles (MS of 25.5.1664,

probably in Nat. Lib.. Dublin under Castle Crine MSS). By

her, he had James, and Edmond who, by Mary née Toole,

had John and Margaret (B.T.R.164).

68. John Butler of 94 Main St., Maryborough, Queen's Co.,

in 1850.

Clues 94 Main St. in 1826 belonged to Catherine Butler.

A male and female Meehan married Butlers and this John

was uncle of Elizabeth (1810-1891), John, Patrick, and

David, Butler-Meehan. His only son, another John Butler

(living 1810) settled in Wisconsin, U.S.A. (per P.F. Meehan of

Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Patrick B-M.'s grt. g.s.).

Comment- James Butler of Kilkenny City in his 1731 Will

(B.T.R.99) mentioned his bro., John of "Main Bogg, Queen's

Co.", who might be ancestor of John of 1850. The latter may

have had a sister, Anne. For it was in or near Maryborough

that Anne née Butler (d.1826), wife of Samuel D. Bradshaw,

bore him George, William, and Rachel, Butler Bradshaw (per

Mrs Griffith of Ballindine, Co. Mayo, g.da. of William B.B.)

69. Julia née Butler, Mrs Barry (early 19 century?)

Clues- She is said to have been disinherited in consequence

of marrying at Donnybrook her father's secretary. But her

uncle left her "Bath Avenue" (per her grt g.da., Miss E. Goff

of Sask., Canada).

Comment- Julia is unlikely to be da. of "a marquess of

Ormonde" as supposed.

70. Mary nee Butler, Mrs Wilson, ca. 1750.

Clues- Family tradition says she was da. of a duke of

Ormonde and her bro. was assassinated. She m. Dr Wilson of

Dublin. Their g.s. was Living in Leeds, Yorks. by 1838 (per

her descendant, R.S.S. Wilson of Kelowna, B.C.).

Comment- Historically, the assassination of a Butler has been

rare. In 1463 Sir John Butler was murdered in bed at Bewsey

Hall, Lancs. (Chetham Soc., lxxxvii,303). Mary might, how-

ever, be a base da. of 2nd D. of Ormonde and the Maria Butler

mentioned in the 1758 Codicil of Charles, E. of Arran (Butler

of Moore Park Barony Case, Minutes of Evidence. 86).

Marian of Knowle, near Derby (1st da. of William Wilson of

Leeds and widow of Ralph Butler of Lancaster) died, aged

75, at 7 Gloddaeth Crescent, Llandudno (Times, 20.8.1857).

71. Mary née Butler, Mrs Daniel Lynch, ca. 1850.

Clues- Her grandmother may have been a Fenton. Her mother

was probably Ellen née Croker, and her da., Ellen, was née

Lynch, in Middleton, Ireland, 21.3.1848. Some of them were

born in Co. Cork, others in N. Ireland (per Mrs French of W.

Yarmouth, Mass., USA., Ellen née Lynch's gr. da.).

Comment- Midleton, Co. Cork, sandwiched between Carrig-

twohill and Castlemartyr, suggests a link with Henry Butler,

husband of Ellen (1791-1888) née Murphy of Castlemartyr

(see Q. 11).

72. Nathaniel Butler, Governor of Bermuda 1619-22

The query was received, via Lord Butler, from the Governor

of Bermuda, Sir Richard Sharples, on the eve of his

assassination in 1973.

Clues- Nathaniel was a well-known pamphleteerist.

Comment- He was s. of John Boteler of Sharnbrook, Beds.,

s. of George (d.1551) who came there from Droitwich,

Worcs. These Butlers derived in Plantagenet times (see Q.47)

from Yatton, presumably in Somerset although called "Yatt-

on, Beds." in Essex 1558, and "Yeton, Beds." in Worcs.

1569, Visitations (Hart Soc., xiii,32; xxvii,30). Nathaniel's

half-bros. were Oliver, ancestor of Butler barts. of Barham,

Kent. and John, ancestor of many American Butlers, including

Jane née Butler, mother of Lawrence Washington from whom

his half-bro., George Washington, the President, inherited

Mount Vernon.

73. Nicholas Butler (d. 1671) of Martha's Vineyard, Mass. USA.

Clues- As yeoman of Eastwell, Kent, he m. at St Mary's,

Ashford, Kent, 22.1.1623, Joyce (1601-1680), da. of

Richard and Margaret Baker of Ashford and emigrated,

1637, from Sandwich, Kent, to Dorchester, Mass., where he

owned land at Duncan Hill in 1639, moving to Martha's

Vineyard in 1651 (per his descendant, J.C. Phipps, Met.Mag.

of London).

Comment- No Butler is recorded in Eastwell's parish register

1538-1705. As it was from Sandwich he sailed, he may

have been related to Butlers who had been there since at

least 15th cent. His erratic descendant, Gen. Benjamin

Franklin Butler. was nominated for the Presidency of USA.

in 1884.

74. Patrick Butler (1828-1905) of Co. Cork.

Clues- Born 28.3.1828 in Co. Cork, he emigrated and m. in

Illinois, Margaret née Kenedy (1835-1913) from Co. Tip.

He was illiterate. On a farm just east of Ashland, Ill. she bore

him 3 s. and 7 das. from 1855 (per Patrick's g. s.. R.A. Newell

of Illinois).

Comment- Some record in USA. of Patrick's marriage (in

Illinois, presumably ca. 1854) may reveal his Irish paternity

or place of origin.

75. Richard Butler of Stadhampton, Oxon,

Australian immigrant, 1853.

Clues- He and his bros., Daniel and Philip, were born in

England, orphaned and brought up by an aunt. Daniel, a.

University lecturer, stayed in England. Philip, aged 20.

migrated, 1838, to S. Australia where Fortune smiled on him;

he later returned with his family and bought Tickford Abbey,

Newport Pagnell, Bucks. Richard, himself, was of The Manor,

Stadhampton, Oxon, before emigrating, 1853 (with his wife

and the first three of 8 children) to S. Australia, where his 1st

s., Sir Richard (1850-1925) became Premier and had 12

children, including Sir Richard (1885-1966) who was also

Premier (per the latter's da., Mrs Eadie of S. Australia).

Comment- "Richard Butler of Stadhampton, 21 a.u." had,

20.9.1848, a bond to marry at St Peter-in-the-East, Oxford,

Mary Sadler of that parish (Oxon Dioc. Marriage Bonds,

d. 31 f. 164). His bro. was Daniel (ca. 1814-1822), M.A. of

Lincoln Coll., Oxford, and headmaster, Clergy Orphan

School. His bro., Philip's grant of arms is in Heralds' Coll.

Grant Book, vol.53, fol.35 (Hart Soc., lxvii,58). Richard's

father was Richard Thomas Butler of Ewelme, Oxon, gent.

(Foster, Alumni Oxon., 202; but Foster's place-names of

fathers were not always reliable).

76. Richard Butler of Ireland, British army officer, India,


Clues- Shannon View, Kilrush, Co. Lim., is believed to be his

childhood home. By Emily, he had Francis Clifford (1875-

1917) of Canada, and Robert by another wife. He probably

also had a da., Minimia (per F.C.B.'s son. Duane Butler of

Washington, USA).

Comment The notion that this Richard was the Richard

(d.1902) who was bro. Of Gen. Sir William Butler is untenable.

The "Clifford" clue points to George Sylvester (2nd s. of

Thomas) Butler who m. in Rathfarnham, 1849, Elizabeth, da.

of John Clifford, Esq. (Lim. Chron., 9.5.1849). She d. 1862,

aged 33 (Dublin Eve. Mail, 30.8.1862).

77. Sir Stephen Butler (the Earls of Lanesborough's ancestor,

d. 1639).

Clues- He is said to have descended from John Butler of

Wansley, Hunts,, living 1376 (Lanesbroough privately printed

pedigree which gives no mesne descent), to have married

Mary. da. and coh. of Gervase Brindsley of Brindsley, Notts.

and settled at Clonose, Co. Cavan, by 1625, (Burke Peerage).

Comment- Wansley must be a mistake for Waresley, where a

family of Boteler similarly bore: Arg., 3 covered cups in bend

between 2 bendlets engrailed, sa. (Harl. Soc., xli, 96). "Sir

Steven Butler" at St James, Clerkenwell, 21 .6.1624, married

"Mary Banslye" by licence (Harl Soc. Reg., xiii, 53). He was

"Stephen Butler, Knight of Belturbet" in his 1638 Will

(B.T.R.276). Sir Stephen was 2nd s. of George, s. of Edward,

s. of John Butler of Waresly, Hunts (Clurterbuck, Hist. of

Herts., ii. 222).

78. "Synolda"

Clues- This unusual name recurred recently when table-

turning at Lutterellstown, Co. Meath ! Synolda (da. of Sir

Robert Lutterell of Lutterellstown) m., 1299, William 1e

Petit and bore him an heiress, Synolda, who m., 1320, Sir

Thomas Butler (3rd s. of 4th Butler of Ireland) who became

lst Lord Dunboyne, jure uxoris. The 18th cent. revival of

"Synolda" in the Dunboyne branch of Butlers, was aided by

a superstition that no Miss Butler would get married unless

there were a "Synolda" in the family. So the name has been

preserved in that branch, seemingly exclusively. Appropriately

enough, Victor Walker of Bibury, Glos., who is descended

from James Butler (1810-1891), 8th s. of 23rd Lord

Dunboyne has named his fine yacht (built 1972) "Synolda".

Nor is he alone in wanting to know the origin and meaning of

the name.

Comment- We need the help of an etymologist. It may mean

swan-like from Latin, "olor", for swan, or, possibly, the

scented lady, from "olida", for stinking

79. Thomas Butler of Ireland (early 19th cent.)

Clues- He was R.C. and m. Anastasia née Costello. Their

son, John, a day-labourer ("journalier") m., in Montreal.

1850, Margaret. da. of Michael Harrington of Co. Tip. (per

John's grt g.s., M.J. Butler of Montreal).

Comment - In 1792, a John Costello witnessed the Will

(B.T.R.151) of Anne née Burke, widow of Pierce Butler who

may have been of Kilmoyler. She mentions no child in her

will. Ca. 1860, there was another Butler-Costello marriage

(see Q. 43).

80. Thomas Butler, 18th cent. English lawyer.

Clues- Early 18th cent., he left Ely, Cambs. to practise law

in London. Of his 12 sons, scattered from London to

Woolwich, Reading, Essex, Wales and India, John George m.

in Oxford, 21.12.1776, Anne née Venables and settled in

Hounslow. Their 3rd s., Gamaliel (1783-1852) migrated,

1825, to Van Dieman's Land (i.e. Tasmania) and was

patriarch of a large family (G.T. Butler, Gamaliel Butler).

Comment - This Thomas might be s. of Ambrose Butler who

was of Barnwell, Cambs., when admitted to Inner Temple,

1658 (I.T. Admissions, i 541) and, aged 40 in 1684 when he

had licence to marry Maria Margaretta née Sydenham

(Harl Soc., xxiv, 70).

81. William Butler of Kimbolton, Hunts., 1815.

Clues- His mother might be the Ann Butler who d. at

Kimbolton, 1794 (K. parish reg.). He was a keeper at K.

Castle (employed by Duke of Manchester). At K. in 1815,

his wife, Elizabeth, bore him a son, John Thomas. Family

tradition suggests descent from a Butler with a military

background who changed allegiance and fell from grace in

Ireland (per his descendant, David Butler of Cardiff).

Comment - The family tradition would square with descent

from one of the base sons of 2nd Duke of Ormonde, e.g. Major

William Butler (ca. 1681-ca. 1718) who m. a da. of Capt.

Harrison of York city and suffered grievously from the

Duke's defection to Jacobitism. Another possibility is descent

from John Butler of Waresley, Hunts., ca. 1500 (Hart Soc.,

xli,96; and see Q.77) or from Thomas Butler of Ely, ca.

1700 (see Q.80).



The following additions can now be made to comments on

earlier questions, for which back.references are given to the

instalment and page of Butler Jo. vol. i.

4. Thomas Butler (1720 89) of Penn., USA. [1:63; 2:129;]

Coolkenny is the older spelling of Coolkenna (L. Price,

Placenarnes of Co. Wicklow), a mile or so from the Carlow

boundary, in Shillelagh barony, Co. Wicklow. It was part of

the FitzWilliam estate, the records of which might help.

They are mainly in Sheffield Pub. Lib. and, for late 18th

cent., in Nat. Lib., Ireland. The Butlers of Coolkenna

might descend from those of Tullow, Co. Carlow (per

K.W. Nicholls, via George Butler of Dublin). The Butlers of

Tullow descended from Pierce, 2nd s. of 1st V. Mount-

garret. T. Blake Butler traced to the 19th cent. their descent,

but only in their heirs male line (Brit.Mus. Add.MSS 52802-

61; Nat, Lib., Ireland, MSS 12022-36).

9. James, 9th Earl of Ormond's heirs-male [2:13 1; 3:223;


Ireland's Lord Deputy was urging that Lord Mountgarret, as

next heir to the Ormond earldom, be moved to England

"during these doubtful times" (CaI.S.P. (Ire.), 1615-25,

p. 478.)

10. Judith née Butler, Mrs Tennant, ca. 1750 [2:132]

She might be the only da. whom Thomas Butler (d.1753),

2nd s. of 1st V. Lanesborough, had by his wife, Mary n6e

Cummin, and whose paternal aunt and grt aunt were both

called Judith.

12. Edmund Butler of Paulstown, ca. 1650 [2:133]

James's birth should read "1714", not "ca.1659". Richard,

s. of this Edmund, might be the Richard whom the titular

James Ill created Baron Butler, 1727 (G.E.C., revised, ii,453).

13. Thomas Butler ca. 1700 [2:134]

Mr Butler of St Malo who rented two ships for the rescue of

Prince Charlie (J.S. Gibson, Ships of the `45) was probably

the Richard who was s. of this Thomas. For "Marbrand",

read "Malbranch" on p.l34.

16. Boutlerov of Russia [2.135]

The founder of this family is said to have descended from the

Ziegenberg branch of the Buttlar family and to have gone

from the Baltic to serve Ivan the Terrible who rewarded him

with an estate in Kazan (per Horst von Buttlar).

20. Victoria née Butler, Mrs Burke of Manila, 1869 [3:219]

She is said to be da. of John Benjamin Butler (1800-1855)

by his R.C. wife, née Soames. He was born in Manchester

and died in Manila. His aunts married a Hardcastle and a

Hoare (per Mme Mialhe, via Sir William Teeling). This

Victoria, as an only child, m. at Cath. Church, Santa Anna,

Manila, 6.2.1868, John Burke, M.D., 3rd s. of Joseph Burke

of Owen, Co. Galway. (Freeman's Jo., 5.4.1868).

21. Capt. William Butler (1814-1875) of New Zealand

[3:219; 4:299]

He was s. of James (b.1756), s. of Rev. Duke (1723-1779)

of Okeford, near Blandford, Dorset, s. of Thomas Butler

(d.1744) of Camberwell, Surrey, who was born on Butler's

Sugar Estate, St James's parish, Windward, Nevis, W. Indies

(G.A. Beale, Butlers of Okeford, printed privately, Cadenza

Press, 1972). Thomas (d.1744) was 3rd s. of Capt. Thomas

(d.1687/8) of Nevis. Their arms were: Or, on a chief indented

az. 3 covered cups of the first (Caribbeana, ii,60 & iv,192).

It has been suggested that Capt. Thomas may have been

deported by Cromwell from Ireland to W. Indies. But his

arms suggest descent from the Butlers of Yatton (see Q. 47

& 72).

22. John Butler (ca. 1766-1840) of Woolwich [3:220; 4:299]

Nathan Butler of Woolwich, Brewer, aged ca. 30, applied,

12.8.1663, for licence to marry at St Martin's, Ludgate, Anne,

nee Roberts, of Deptford, Kent, aged ca. 20 (Harl. Soc.

xxxiii,98). On the other hand, this John might be g.s. of

Thomas Butler of Ely (see Q.80).

25. Samuel Butler of Worcs., 1610 [3:220]

For "Stensham" read "Strensham". Susan, da. of Richard

Butler of Strensham, Worcs., m., mid-16th cent. Richard

Harris of Walton, Glos. (Harl.Soc. xxi,77; xxvii,109)

28. Anne née Butler, Mrs Dallin [3:221]

Thomas Thomson, merchant, who was admitted freeman of

Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, 1780 (Hore, Hist. of Wex., vi,544)

may be s. of Mrs Dallin's da., Margaret.

47. Thomas Boteler (d. ca. 1645) of Maryland [4:294]

Add "s. of John" before "s. of George". See also Q. 72.

49. Thomas Butler, m., 1830, Mary née Barron [4:295]

Rev. Pierce Butler [4:296] was of the Galmoye branch. He

was not of Inistioge before 1852 nor was he R.C. So he is not

relevant. But Mary, relict of a Pierce Butler, d. at her

residence in Main Street, Clonmel, 12.9.1871. (Freeman's

Jo., 20.9.1871, which adds "American and Australian papers

please copy").

50. Thomas Butler of Williamstown, Co. Tip. [4:296]

Three of the 67 Irish Butlers killed in the 1914 War were

born in Ballingarry, Co. Tip. (which is Williamstown's postal

address): Pte James Butler, No. 9420 (d.1917), 2nd Bn.,

Royal Irish Regt. Pte John Butler, No. 9054 (d.1916), 3rd Bn

Royal Irish Regt. Gdsmn William Butler, No. 7404 (d.1916),

2nd Bn, Irish Gds. (Ireland's Memorial Records, i. 308-312).